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Ajax search pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine.

Looking for a better WordPress search? Check out this search plugins features, including checkbox, dropdown, radio button category filters and custom field (post meta) filters as well.

Shortcodes and widgets are compatible with page builders, such as Elementor, WPBakery Page builder (and Visual Composer), Divi Page Builder and others.

Ajax Search Pro can act as an Elementor Live Posts and Products widget filter. Building a custom results page via Elementor is also supported.

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress A Live WordPress search and filter plugin

Ajax Search Pro for WordPress was designed to boost the user search experience to the maximum. It provides a life ajax search, which makes the WordPress search experience more comfortable.

The results are presented with images (if any found), so they look more attractive and less flat. The search works with mobile devices, let it be Android or IOS powered.

The search can override the default WordPress search results – so the ajax functionality is extended – replace your default theme search with only a click of a button.

The search can return posts, pages, any custom post types (like WooCommerce products, BBPress forums, topics, replies), categories, custom taxonomy terms (like product categories, portfolio tags), users, BuddyPress groups and BuddyPress activities as results.

Searching media attachments, including their content, is also possible – for PDF, CSV, TXT, RTF and Office documents, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Ajax Search Pro WordPress Plugin Features

  • Many content types supported
    The search supports posts, pages and any kind of custom post type. WooCommerce, Jigoshop, wp-eCommerce and many other plugins use custom post types – so they are all compatible with Ajax Search Pro.
  • Frontend search settings
    The plugin provides a customizable frontend settings interface for users. By ticking a few checkboxes the user can change the behaviour of the plugin – like looking for exact matches, including/excluding certain post types, categories or custom taxonomies (like product categories)
  • Layout & themes
    Four built-in layouts: Vertical, Horizontal, Polaroid and Isotopic. 60+ pre-defined theme for each layout, including the ones on the demo page.
    Three different widgets are provided (latest searches, top searches and search box) and two shortcodes for each search. Shortcode buttons are also visible on the post editor.
  • Image support
    The search has built-in libraries with extreme compatibility for image handling. They can parse through content, excerpt, custom fields or just simply display the featured image.
  • Icons
    Use the variety of high resolution, vectorized and colourize SVG icons or upload your own if you want to.
  • Adjustable search logic
    You can change the search logic to fit your needs. By default, the plugin works with an OR logic to provide a higher amount of results. If you, however, need more strict results, you can change this with a click. More info in the documentation search logic section.
    Highly adjustable image parser ensures to show the best quality images in the results. The plugin can scan the featured, content, excerpt custom field for images.
  • Category, tag & taxonomy term filters
    Create and manage category, tag and any taxonomy term filters. Checkboxes, drop-downs and radio button layouts are all supported.
  • Custom field filters
    For even more sophisticated layout you can create custom field filters, to give your users more advanced ways to search your content.
  • Multisite support
    Having a multisite network? You can select which blogs you want to include in each individual search instance. You can search for multiple blogs at the same time.
  • Relevance search & index table
    A fully configurable relevance options panel is provided for those, who like to fine-tune their plugins. You can switch to index table search and create indexes for even more relevant results.
  • Visual composer support
    As of version 4.0, the search acts as a Visual Composer add-on as well. You can easily manage the search instances via the Visual Composer plugin.
    No place on your site for the search widget? You can hide the search bar until the user clicks on the magnifier icon.
  • Keyword suggestions & autocomplete
    Google keyword suggestions and autocomplete is enabled by default. The suggestions language is changeable.
  • Keyword highlighting
    The search phrase can be highlighted in the results list. You can change the colour of the highlighting as well.
  • Index table engine
    Plugin version 4.5 introduces a new, index table powered search engine. This engine is capable of indexing shortcode content, for sites built with composer plugins. It’s also a huge performance saver for high traffic sites.
  • Performance tracker
    Track the search query performances with the simple, built-in performance tracker. It will help you optimize the search ajax speed.
  • Search statistics
    By enabling the search statistics will give you an insight on which phrases are the most popular on your website.
  • Google analytics integration
    With a push of a button, you can integrate google analytics to the search, so the phrases will show up as pageviews on your analytics dashboard.
  • Cache
    For websites with higher traffic caching is provided to reduce database queries and increase search performance.
  • Compatibility
    Compatibility options will provide you with a quick fix interface in case something is not working properly.
  • Performance tracking
    The plugin will track the query performances and give you a better insight into your recent setting changes.
  • Export and import
    Want to use a working search instance on your other project? Export the search settings and import them to your other site. Easy as that.
    Regular updates
  • The plugin receives updates on a monthly basis, many customer requests and suggestions had been fulfilled in the past – feel free to suggest anything 🙂
  • Customer support
    We are taking customer support very seriously. You can expect a reply within 24 hours during workdays. To open a support ticket, go to this link.

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