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BuddyBoss specializes in BuddyPress and offers some amazing premium themes and plugins that really take BuddyPress to the next level. They also have some excellent complete solution packages that integrate everything you need (theme and plugins) for easily creating a powerful online community website.

If you want to build an online community or social network website using WordPress and BuddyPress you must check out the excellent BuddyPress themes, plugins and turn-key community website solutions from BuddyBoss.

If you want a completely unique and custom-built website, it even offer custom development work and can build you a complete custom-tailored, and ultra-responsive community site with the design and all the features you need.

Below are some of the premium BuddyPress themes, plugins and complete social network and community website solutions available for purchase at BuddyBoss.

BuddyBoss Plugins for BuddyPress

it have a selection of premium BuddyPress plugins that will really take your BuddyPress social network site to the next level.

BuddyPress User Blog

The BuddyPress User Blog BuddyPress plugin allows you to give members the ability to create their own blog posts and manage their own blog.

It provides a great writing experience and blog posts can be displayed in user-profiles and in a central blog.

BuddyPress Reply by Email

The BuddyPress Reply by Email plugin allows users to reply to BuddyPress notifications straight from the email.

Users can reply to messages, activity posts, bbPress forums and WordPress post comments via email and replies will automatically show up on the website.

BuddyBoss Inbox

The Inbox plugin turns BuddyPress messaging into a state of the art inbox.

It enables attachments, labels, drafts, auto-save and a visual editor right in your BuddyPress-powered inbox.

BuddyBoss Wall

The BuddyBoss wall plugin turns your BuddyPress activity stream into a two-way “Wall” just like Facebook for a more interactive experience.

Users can post Wall updates, write on each other’s walls, and “Like” their favourite content.

BuddyBoss Media

The BuddyBoss Media plugin allows members to upload photos, organize them into albums, and tag their friends all from their phones, tablets or computers.

On mobile devices, you can swipe through galleries with your finger like a native photo gallery app.

BuddyPress Member Types

The BuddyPress Member Types plugin allows you to create and manage member types without having to write any code.

You can create as many membership types as you like, customize the registration experience based on member type, assign different profile fields based on member types, show separate tabs for member types in the directory and more. It is perfect for any social network site with multiple types of members such as: dating sites, job sites, education sites, healthcare sires, sites with different membership levels (e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze) and more.


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