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Finecharts is amazing solution that allows you to quickly add charts & graphs within your project without any hardwork, you can use graphs & charts for several purpose, we have already added the graphs initiator scripts & customization for you so you could deliver faster to your clients or could use for your own projects

Product Overview

Finecharts was created as a great shortcut for learning and creating your very own charts.

There are several different ways to use FINECHARTS:

  1. Use ready to use graphs and charts in your dashboard.
  2. Use live updating Charts for live updates.
  3. Easily add your own text & edit them the way you want.


  • A HTML editor.
  • To use the finecharts you will need a host or you can run in offline mode within your computer if you wish.


  1. Unzip the file you downloaded from Codecanyon
  2. Locate the ‘Main’ folder, this is found in the ‘HTML Files’
  3. Upload this folder to your live web server
  4. Navigate to the folder in your web browser (eg.
  5. Enjoy using finecharts

How Finecharts Works

We’ve tried to make things as easy as possible for you to use, and to use it how you want to.

You might just be looking for some pre-styled graphs & charts existing project, or you might be wanting to learn building graphs & charts and aren’t sure where to start, or you might be wanting to quickly integrate some pages for an urgent client meeting.

However you want to use Finecharts is totally up to you.

File Structure

In the ‘HTML Files’ folder are the following folders:

  1. Main – This contains all of the charts you have seen in the demo.
  2. Documentation – Contains the guide.

Copy and Paste Contents

Just as it says, copy and paste.

We have following ready to use Charts & Graphs:

  1. Sparkline Charts
  2. Chartist Graphs
  3. ChartJS Charts
  4. Flot Charts
  5. Morris Charts
  6. Peity Charts
  7. Rickshaw Charts


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