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WooCommerce Memberships is not just another plugin for restricting your site’s content: it’s an easy-to-use, site-wide membership solution that brings your content, shop, and memberships together. WooCommerce Memberships are not a specific type of WooCommerce product: instead, membership plans are created independently from products.

Woocommerce Membership plugin free download with membership, Woocommerce Membership plugin allows you to create membership plans and restrictions for the content of your website. Restricted content can only be accessed by registered members. Aside from content restriction and membership plans, WooCommerce also helps manage your shop and the content of the shop. It is a perfect solution for managing a WooCommerce store.

Why use WooCommerce Memberships Plugin?

One of the best ways of doing online business today is by creating membership websites. A membership website restricts the most valuable content of the website which is made available to only the privileged users. These websites are a good way of earning recurring income through membership plans. By signing up to these membership plans, users are given access to the restricted content of the website. In some of the websites, the members are charged regularly after a specified period of time as long as they remain members of your store.

The users are given the choice to cancel their subscription before renewal if they don’t want to continue being the registered members. One thing to note here is the content which has restricted access to it should be the one which provides value to your members. You can’t just restrict everything to earn money. People are not stupid to pay you for something that has no value for them. Make sure that the restricted content is of value and which meets the needs of your members.

Now that we know why we need to use WooCommerce Memberships, it’s time to talk about exactly what this plugin is capable of. woocommerce membership plugin free download lets you create and manage multiple membership plans for the content of your website. The content which provides the most value can have a different subscription policy than the rest of the website content.

You can set up your products in such a way that when a user decides to buy it, a membership plan is automatically activated with the product purchase. This way, users don’t have to separately go to another page and apply for a membership plan. It saves time for both of the parties. Restricted access can be applied to pages, posts as well as the products. Since most of the e-commerce websites are powered by WooCommerce nowadays, this membership plugin can save you a lot of time setting up membership plans for your content. You can use this time to improve the quality of your products and services.

WooCommerce Memberships plugin is extremely easy to install and configure. You don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge in order to use it. Just download the plugin and get to work.

WooCommerce Memberships Plugin Features

  • sell a membership as a stand-alone product — create a product for the membership, then tie the plan to that product to sell it
  • grant access to a membership as part of a product purchase — i.e., buy a subscription for a meal box, get access to the recipes section for free
  • grant access to the same membership from several products (i.e., a yearly purchase or a monthly subscription)
  • assign memberships manually for an invite-only members area
  • Memberships can use recurring billing (i.e., monthly payments) for the membership rather than a set term (such as a year)
  • Memberships can use Subscriptions as a payment plan, but control access length itself to support installment payments
  • Free trials can be used for the membership via a subscription
  • Content restriction and dripping can include or exclude free trial periods so you control what content is available in trials
  • Members can pause their own memberships by suspending a subscription
  • Members can upgrade or downgrade memberships by switching a subscription
  • Upgrades and downgrades can leverage Subscription’s proration to ensure that membership costs are accurate


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