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WP Portfolio is specifically marketed as a portfolio plugin. While you can use it for anything, this plugin really excels if you’re a web designer looking to show off complete websites that you’ve built. The reason? Your visitors will be able to preview the entire website in a popup that looks a lot like the WordPress Customizer.

An Example Of A WP Portfolio Portfolio…

For this example, I’ll give you two screenshots because it’s essential to what makes WP Portfolio unique. First, it displays your portfolio items on this grid. You can either display all portfolio items, or you can just choose items from a specific category. Your visitors can also make use of multiple tag filters on the search box: Then, once a user clicks on a portfolio item, it opens this full-screen view that’s kind of like a lightbox. What’s different from your average lightbox, though, is that the website preview is fully interactive. So visitors can actually browse around the website from the portfolio interface. They can also preview how the site looks by using the device icons on the bottom bar: You can see a live version of this effect at the Astra Starter Sites library – it’s the exact same idea (the Astra team basically just bundled this functionality as the WP Portfolio plugin).

Types Of Portfolios That You Can Create

Again, WP Portfolio excels when it comes to creating a portfolio of websites that you’ve built. But that’s not all it can do – you can also create portfolios of images or videos. Those types use a more traditional lightbox approach. Finally, you can also create images that link to separate pages for individual portfolio items.

Other Relevant Features

WP Portfolio also includes the filterable tag functionality that lets visitors filter portfolio items without a page reload. You also get a shortcode builder that makes it easy to customize:

  • Which portfolio items are included
  • How many columns to use in the portfolio grid

You can also include search functionality for, especially large portfolios. And you also get an infinite scroll to let people view everything, as well as lazy loading to avoid slowing down your site by loading all of the portfolio items at once.

if you want to Hide WP Portfolio activation notification then add this code to your function.php file
/*Hide WP Portfolio activation notification*/
function my_admin_styles() {
	echo '<style>
	#update-nag, .update-nag {
add_action('admin_head' , 'my_admin_styles');


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